Unleash the fun with our K9 Adventure Trek Pup Bus!

Does your dog need to expel some energy, but you don’t have the time for long walks?

Do you feel Dog Parks are unsafe? Let us help you with that and give your dog a K9 Adventure Trek!

We offer “Pup-lic Transpawtation” on our K9 Adventure Trek Pup Bus!

We offer home service to pick up and drop off your dog. Your pup will be so tired after running around and playing for at least 1 hour at our local, Private Little Creek Dog Park, not far from our boarding facility!

Our K9 Adventure Trek Pack will be the only ones in the park as it is reserved just for us for the time we’re there. It is fully fenced with rugged terrain for the dogs to run, explore and have loads of fun!

As the name states, there is a creek. If your dogs like to paddle, we will try our best to wash & dry them off, but we want you to be forewarned… at least you know your dog had fun!!!

Image of Pup Bus

Pricing Packages for all Types of Adventurers

Single Adventure


per trek

5 Day Adventure


per trek

45 days to use


10 Day Adventure


per trek

75 days to use


15 Day Adventure


per trek

105 days to use


Pup bus side view

Additional dogs from the same family are $25 per trek

All the details


  • Dogs must have a harness on with a back attachment to ride the bus as they will be buckled in for safety!
    • If you do not have a harness, we have new ones available to purchase for $45. (Leashes are not needed as we don’t want to get them mixed up)
    • Alternatively, we do have 4 custom-made, secured crates if you prefer this for your dog.
  • Dogs must be allowed OFF leash and have good recall and want to stay with the pack.
  • Dogs must be very socialized with other dogs
  • Absolutely NO fence jumpers or escape artists allowed! The lowest point is 4’
  • Vaccines must be up to date and a Flea, Tick, and Lice treatment is HIGHLY recommended. We have K9 Advantix II available for $18.


Okotoks – Monday & Thursday
Diamond Valley – Wednesday


Pick-ups – 11 am -12:30 pm 
Drop-offs – 2:30 pm – 4 pm

These are the windows of time for pick up & drop off. Even if you select a certain time, this is not guaranteed as it is dependant on road conditions and how many dogs are scheduled for that day.

We will need access to your home/garage/backyard if you are not home when we arrive. You can provide details on your account for a pin code or provide keys.

We will send you a message with a picture to let you know when your pup has been picked up for their Adventure Trek, or safely back home again!

Get your Ezy Dog Quick Fit Harness

Image on dog wearing ezydog quick fit harness

EzyDog Quick Fit™ sport dog harness is designed to fit dogs of all sizes comfortably and with full control. This lightweight one-click harness is loved by dog owners and dogs alike.


  • One-Click of the buckle and you’re ready to go!
  • The neoprene chest strap sleeve gives extra comfort
  • Reflective stitching enhances nighttime visibility
  • The stainless steel ring is a secure anchor for leashes
  • Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable, secure fit
  • An ID clip to securely attach your dog’s ID tags


Send your dog on the K9 Adventure Trek Bus for a day full of fun!


Is your dog already in board at our Escape to the Country facility?

Don’t let them miss out on the fun! Book their Adventure Walk directly on their reservation for only $25/dog.

Three curious puppies

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