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Escape to the Country – FAQ – Dogs

Q: My dog is scared of kennels as there are usually a lot of barking dogs! What do you offer?

A: We have a very quiet kennel as we don’t take excessive barkers! They have their own specified area for sleeping and eating. At our discretion (or at your request for an extra charge), we will bring the smaller dogs inside the house. They can see us most of the time as we have an open plan design to our home. Your dog big or small will have an enjoyable time… no stress here!

Q: Do you separate family members into different kennels?

A: No, we will keep family members together in the same kennel unless specifically requested not to by the owner.

Q: Will my dog get to play with other dogs?

A: Yes! We have a very social atmosphere so all dogs play together, multiple times a day. (We do not accept aggressive dogs for this reason).

Q: What time do you let my dog out in the morning and last turnout at night?

A: As we have a baby monitor and cameras in the kennel, we let them out when they begin to stir. A typical morning let out is around 7 am and the last one would be around 9 pm. They also go out multiple times during the day to play and do their business (approximately 4-5  turnouts/day). If there is an issue at 2 am, as we live on-site, we will get up to make sure your dog is comfortable. Your dog doesn’t want to have an accident in the kennel. It’s not a natural behaviour and is very stressful to them. We prefer to let your dog out to do their business!

Q: What time do you feed?

A: Typically we feed the dogs around 7:30am and 4:30pm, although these times are not set in stone. We also give treats (veggie or pumpkin in case of allergies) to the dogs throughout the day and before we tuck them in for the night.

Q: Are the kennels heated? Do they have Air Conditioning?

A: Yes, our kennels are fully insulated and there is Radiant Heat in the Winter and A/C for the Summer!

Q: Why do you only have two specific drop off times?

A: Our pick up and drop off times of 9-10am or 5-6pm have been specifically selected to allow us to care for your pet. We have scheduled times set aside for cleaning, exercise and feeding. We live on the property, so we need to maintain set windows of time for our clients. We appreciate your respect of this!

Q: What extra charges are there for medications?

A: There are NO extra charges for any conditions requiring attention. We are both pet first-aid certified and will give medications, eye/ear drops, insulin injections , change bandages or anything else that your dog requires. All included!

Q: My dog is on a raw food diet, is this an extra cost?

A: No there is no extra charge as long as EACH feeding (meal) is put into a ziplock bag so it is easier for us to thaw and feed. We appreciate your co-operation with this as it can be rather time consuming!

Q: What security measures are there to keep my dog safe?

A: For your pets security and our privacy, everything is by appointment only. We live on-site and have electric gates with an intercom system. We have surveillance cameras and a baby monitor in the kennels. There are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We have a double gate system for entering or exiting the dog area and a fully fenced play area for the dogs. For extra security, the perimeter of our property is page wired fenced.

Q: Do you sell any treats in case my dog needs something to chew on while at the kennel?

A: Yes! We have half dino bones, stuffed hooves or bully sticks to keep them occupied mentally while in the kennel between play time turnouts. Just let us know if you’d like to purchase any of them. Biscuit treats are always included.

Q: Do you require a deposit for my reservation?

A: Yes, a 25% deposit is required once the reservation is confirmed. An email will be sent with the amount required. It is non-refundable if a cancellation occurs within 7 days of the reservation. Please check in the ‘Rates/Information/Policies’ section of this website for details.

Q: What form of payment do you take?

A: We offer a 5% discount for cash payments. You can also pay with your Visa or M/C online. E-transfer is accepted and can be made to prior to your pet being picked up.

Q: When is payment due?

 A: Payment is due at the time of pick up in order for us to release your pet to you.


Q: I don’t have a Facebook account. How do I see my pets videos and pictures?

A: Our Facebook site is public so just click on the Facebook icon on our website and you will see all videos and pictures. No need to belong to Facebook to access this.

Q: I need my pet picked up or dropped off. Do you provide this service?

A: Yes! We have a PET TAXI service. Okotoks/Black Diamond: One Way $40, Return Trip $60. South Calgary/DeWinton: One Way $60, Return Trip $100


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