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Our Dog Kennels

We have a monitored security system (aka ‘Doggie Cam’) that extends to our home, so we know if an issue arises. Our baby monitor will also alert us to any barking, so we can immediately settle and comfort them day or night.

Escape to the Country Dog Kennels

The “Main” Kennels

Our family kennels measure 6′ x 6′ and have attached outdoor runs that are 6’ long and 8’ wide. The dogs can move freely between indoor/outdoor runs through the dog door.

Our single kennels measure 4′ x 5′ and although they do not have outdoor runs attached, we do exercise all of the dogs every 3 – 4 hours.

The kennel area is warmed with fully automated temperature controlled radiant heat in the winter and cooled with air conditioning in the summer.

Dog kennels Escape to the Country

The “In Home” Kennels… for small dogs

At our discretion, at peak times (Easter/Christmas/Long weekends, July and August), we have kennels inside our home which vary in size. We do not separate family members; they will be kept together.

If your dog is crate trained, we encourage you to bring their small crate with them as they are ‘den’ animals after all and it makes them feel safe and comfortable.

We also have a 16 x 10 grass area plus our large deck for them to roam around. They are also able to run and play with other small dogs in the fully fenced 8000 sq ft grass play area.  All ‘In Home’ dogs receive the same amount of turnout/play time as the larger ones.

If it is at your request for your small dog to be inside our home, an extra charge of $20 will be applied per night.

White dog laying in kennel next to crate
Small dog kennels

The “Barn” Kennels

For the Senior Dogs, we are able to accommodate them in either the Main or Barn kennels as they will not have stairs to climb. We can separate the play area so they are not bumped into by the active younger dogs or they can wander around the acreage at the speed that they choose.

There are 6 kennels that measure 5.5′ L and 4′ W. There are 2 family kennels that measure 12′ L and 4′ W.
Guests staying in the Barn Kennels MUST have good recall as they are allowed to be out around the acreage. It is perimeter page wire fenced!

The barn front room
The barn kennels

It’s no wonder they love coming to stay at ‘Escape to the Country’… be warned though … they may not want to leave… but are always happy to return!

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