Questions & Answers - Cats

Escape to the Country – FAQ – Cats

Q: My cat is scared of dogs. Will they see them?

A: No, the cattery is located in the upstairs of the barn so no dogs will be nearby!

Q: Most cat kennels are super small. How big are yours?

A: We want the cats in our care to have lots of room to roam around! Our luxury suites measure 4’W x 8’L x 8’H and the Chalets are 4’W x 4′ L x 8′ H. They also have their own cat tree and shelving at different levels!

Q: Does my cat stay in their kennel the whole day?

A: No, the cats come out kennel by kennel (family or individual) while we clean. They can roam around, sit on the window sills or lounge on the leather chairs. If they prefer to play, we have lots of toys or if they prefer cuddles, then we spend time with them. Each cat gets individual attention.

Q: Will my cat get to play with other cats?

A: No, we do not socialize cats with each other unless they are same family members. We don’t want any cat fights!

Q: What extra charges are there for medications/insulin injections?

A: This depends on how cooperative your cat is! Generally, there are no extra charges if your cat takes a pill/liquid in their food. If we have to open your cats mouth up to pop in a pill or give it some liquid medication, then there is a $3.50/day charge. If your cat is diabetic, Insulin Injections are give 12 hrs apart, usually at 8am and 8pm. There is an $8/night charge for this.

Q: What time do you feed?

A: Typically we feed around 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, although these times are not set in stone.

Q: How often are the kennels and litter cleaned?

A: The litter is picked through twice a day and replaced once a week if staying long term. The kennels are vacuumed, mopped and have a thorough cleaning once a day. Water is changed daily.

Q: Are the kennels heated? Do they have Air Conditioning?

A: Yes, our kennels are fully insulated and there is baseboard heating in the Winter and A/C in the Summer!

Q: What security measures are there to keep my cat safe?

A: For your pets security and our privacy, everything is by appointment only. We live on-site and have electric gates with an intercom system. There are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. All cats are in their kennels before any outside doors are opened. There is PVC chicken wire over the windows. The cats can still sit on the window ledge with the window opened up a bit, but will not be able to get out!

Q: Do you require a deposit for my reservation?

A: Yes, a 25% deposit is required once the reservation is confirmed. An email will be sent with the amount required. It is non-refundable if a cancellation occurs within 7 days of the reservation. Please check in the ‘Rates/Information/Policies’ section of this website for details.

Q: What form of payment do you take?

A: We offer a 5% discount for cash payments (boarding only). We also accept Visa and M/C (online) and E-transfer can be made to prior to your pet being picked up.

Q: When is payment due?

A: Payment is due at the time of pick up in order for us to release your pet to you.

Q: I don’t have a Facebook account. How do I see my pets videos and pictures?

A: Our Facebook site is public so just click on the “Facebook” icon on our website and you will see all videos and pictures. No need to belong to Facebook to access this.