Some kennels can be rather small… The cats in our care are not confined to a ‘cupboard’!

Escape to the Country Cattery

Our spacious cattery offers five luxury suites measuring 4’W x 8’L x 8’H plus four chalets measuring 4’W x 4’L x 8’H

The luxury suites are large enough to house up to four cats comfortably. The chalets are for single cats or two kittens. Only cats from the same household can and will be housed together. Whilst the cats can see their neighbours through the windows, there is no direct contact between them.

The suites are thoroughly cleaned (vacuumed and mopped) once a day and the litter box is sifted twice a day. All cats are checked at regular intervals throughout the day.

They also get individual rotations to roam and explore a further 500 sq ft where we have lazyboy chairs for cuddle time! They have a climbing/activity center, private litter box and shelving at different heights for them in their suite.

With country views in a tranquil setting, ‘Escape to the Country’ is an ideal location for your cat’s second home!

Naturally, you may be worried about leaving your precious cat(s) with us for the first time so please come along and let us show you the cattery.

We are sure you’ll be re-assured about the care and accommodation your cat(s) will enjoy during their stay with us!

We want you to feel as happy as possible when you do leave your cats with us so we encourage you to settle them into their accommodation. You are more than welcome to bring some of their own bedding and toys with them. Then when you leave, you know they are comfortable and secure.